Who I am:

I started cutting hair shortly after high school back in 2005. I decided to open up my own barbershop at 24. Since then I have been a dedicated business owner and always made sure that my clients are well taken care of to the best of my ability. I can truely say that God has blessed me and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for Him and my parents guiding me.

What I do:

I enjoy cutting hair and putting a smile on everyones face. I also like to make people laugh and at the same time give them the quality haircut that they are looking for. Going the extra mile to put detail into my work shows that I care. People enjoy coming to me for a haircut because they have confidence and know that I will do the job right. Some people say that they like coming to me because I make them feel at home and they know that they can trust me.

Latest News:

FREE HAIRCUT?!!! Call to make an appointment to come in and get a haircut with me 5 times and get your 6th haircut free, and earn a chance to win a free gift card in my monthly drawing. Drawing takes place on the 25th of every month. After I sign the business card, that I gave you 5 times you must write your name and number on the back in order to take part in the monthly drawing.


Other chance to enter your name again in the drawing!!!

Refer 5 friends to call and make an appointment to come get a haircut with me and get a chance to enter another card to put in the drawing.



Clients must come in to get a haircut in order to take part in the drawing. References must bring one of my business cards with your name on the back to get credit for the second entry.

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